Synched for you.

Niwatwire By: Cosign
FAT By: Mun-G
Masadati By: Papa Cidy
Kwiso Bando By: Ykee Benda
Olindaki By: Lydia Jazmine
Ever Blazing By: Silver Dread Namakaka
Guli Wano By: Apass
Bad Segu By: Fefe Bussi
Iddi Amin By: Feffe Bussi
Oli Mufere By: Ps Bugembe


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Njagala Gwe Dreamakerz
By: Dreamakerz ..

Njagala Gwe Dreamakerz
By: Dreamakerz ..

be with you
By: Rema ..

For you
By: Winnie Nwagi ..

By: King Saha ..

rap up 2016
By: st nellysade ..

all the stars
By: kendrick lam ..

By: Lydia Jazmin ..