Weasel stop selling and releasing Radio Music – Chagga
March 8, 19 | Gosip | By Staff-Writter

Former Goodlyfe manager Geoffrey Chagga alias Big Papa and late Mowzey Radio’s singing partner, Weasel are beefing over the release and sale of Radio’s music.

Reports say that Chagga blames Weasel Manizo (Douglas Mayanja) for illegally selling and releasing Radio’s music that was left behind by the singer.

While appearing on an interview with a local TV station, Chagga said Radio used to keep his music on his mobile phone but when he died, the ‘unknown’ person took possession of the phone and his songs.

‘I won’t mention the name of the person behind it all, but know that the person releasing the songs is the one who took possession of Radio’s mobile phone when the ‘soldier’ died. I won’t mention that person, but I can tell you that Radio’s phone is actually still on and you will get to talk to that person if you listen carefully,” Chagga remarked.

Few months ago, Radio’s brother Frank blamed King Saha for releasing his brother’s music.



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